Amie Brand: Oil & Cold Wax Art

Here in this gallery you can see some of my latest artwork in Oil and cold wax. You can see if the painting is for sale by clicking on the image. If you want to buy a painting from me, you are most welcome to send me a message. If you so please I can photograph the painting in more angles or make a film so you can be absolutely sure that it looks as you have imagined. Enjoy the gallery!


It is always difficult to photograph artworks. Especially blue tones are difficult to get right. What looks very blue is in some cases slightly turquoise. And the contrast is often sharper on the picture than in reality. The Cold Wax paintings many layers are enchanting to look upon but are unfortunately very difficult to obtain fairly in a picture. Its beauty is greatest in reality!

The price varies with the size of the painting and what it is painted on. The price is about 220 € for the smallest pianting and about 360 € for the largest.

Want to see more of my art and paintings fresh off the easel?

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