Amie Brand: Experimental Art

I see myself more as a creator and explorer than as an artist. The need to constantly create something, to learn new things and to solve problems is my inner force. But it matters less if I'm making drawings for my husband's carpentry company, building a garden or designing a room. Color and shape are like music for me. Harmonies are important. To find the cosmos in the chaos.


Therefore, I create in a variety of mediums. Challenge myself all the time to find out how and why. Defying borders. Finding new paths and unexpected treasures. This is when my soul sings.


So on this page you can see a motley crowd of my experimental art and my work in progress. Not really ready for sale - but if you do like something - please let me know!

Experimental Encaustic Art 

Experimental Oil & Cold Wax Art 

Experimental Alcohol ink & Monotype