About Me

Amie Brand aka Annmarie Brandstädter

I have painted since I could hold a crayon in my hands and the walls were my canvas. As a child I dreamt of becoming an astronomer but a wise student counselor send me to Design School. After working twelve years mostly as a graphic designer I chose to go to University to become a Science and Art teacher.


Now after ten years of teaching in public school I’m persuing another dream. To be able to live as a full time artist with my own Art courses.


I create in many mediums but Encaustic and Oil and cold wax are closest to my heart. Nature is and will always remain my greatest source of inspiration.

/Ändra till Svensk sida i menyn./

Artist Statement 

My greatest inspiration is nature. And as nature shows it’s duality so do I wish to express this in my art. Darkness meets light. The softness and stillness against the sharp and dynamic. And the safe verses the intimidating. A little bit like life. But brightness at the end of the tunnel. There has to be hope.


And magic of course. We think we know so much, and yet we know so little. Life and nature - that’s pure magic to me and I want to show it to you.

My Studio & Gallery

In a small green cottage, where the forest meets the calm open south Swedish landscape, lies my home and my studio. Lovely embrace of a large and lush nature plot. A few minutes' drive away are beautiful Hallandsåsen, Västersjön and Rössjön with many trails for pleasant walks. Here I have my oasis. Center for my creation and for my courses.


In addition to online courses, I offer a variety of courses for both beginners and those who want to learn more. Most in encaustic, oil and cold wax and alcohol ink.


In addition to art and teacher education, I have also studied courses in health and stress at university level. The idea is to be able to offer courses that combine painting with health and nature experiences with a focus on stressing off and feeling good.


At my studio I have a small gallery that I open on beautiful or when someone asks. So if you are on the roads close by - please send a message and I will open the gallery for you!


Seeing paintings in wax for real is a completely different experience than seeing them on a picture. The beautiful structure and transparency of the wax simply cannot be captured on screen.



Advertising & Design


Communication & Media


University Teachers Degree in Art and Science


University courses: Diet, Health and Stress

Professional Experience 


Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Photographer, Webbmaster


Course Teacher in Art, Calligraphy, Creativity at a Course Center

2007- (now)

Art Teacher in High school & Independent Art Teacher and Artist

Welcome to my Gallery!