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In addition to painting, my other great passion is teaching. I have a university teachers degree and have taught art in high school for ten years. In addition to that, I have had many different art workshops in both student associations and in private.


I will teach more workshops at home in my own studio which is beautifully located between forests and open landscapes in the south of Sweden. Our plot is a 3000 sqm natural garden that you can walk in or just sit and enjoy for a while.


For long-distance guests we have a separate small guest room with toilet that can be rented for a low cost. Give yourself a gift and book a workshop and see the weekend as a wonderful relaxation from everyday life!


Do you have echoes in your wallet? Apply to one of my art scholarships! I wish everyone who wants to learn how to paint with beeswax should be able to do so. Read more about my scholarship separately.


In our sweet gareden I also plan to have "Paint and feel good workshops" where I combine performance-free painting with nature  in a stressfree environment.


If you are a group of about eight people I will also gladly come out to you if you are interested. Contact me and we can see what suits you best.


I also like to work with workshops for teachers in public school. Give the staff a colorful creative boost!

Upcoming Workshops!

Everything was absolutely fantastic! You were so nicely prepared with everything. You shared your knowledge and were so inspirational!

I recommend you 100% to other hungry creative people who want to try this super fun technique with fire & beeswax!

Thank you so much for letting me join this workshop and create with all of you! It was the most enjoyable thing I've done in a long time!

Learn to paint with


Cold Wax 



Videos &


Empty wallet?

My wish is that anyone who wants to learn painting should have the opportunity. But sometimes you have a little less money. Maybe you are a student, single parent or pensioner.


I have therefore an idea that for every workshop you can apply for an art scholarship. I offer my cost for the course and the person only pays for the material. (The amount varies with each course, but the material fee is usually around SEK 300.)

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